Update March 2020: After almost five years: it is here. Stack Overflow introduces Dark Mode beta. This appears to be for the main StackOverflow site only, but not any of the other sites. If you want a dark theme for other StackExchange sites, you may still want to try the browser extension below. If you prefer browsing Stack Overflow with a dark theme (I do!...


feature-requeststatus-review The Stack Overflow logo at the top of the page should not lose all color just because we're in dark mode: Normal logo: New white-washed logo: Please consider re-adding at least the orange color to the actual stack overflow icon.


bug status-completed


bug status-completed While reviewing suggested edits, here's what clicking 'Reject' looks like: "clearly conflicts with author's intent" is invisible. Also happens with Triage and Low Quality Posts queues and flag/close dialogs.


bug status-completed Next badge popup Also, dark mode is not dark enough for me. :)


bug status-completed The floating tooltip on the reputation graph has light text in a light box:


The current situation at Stack Exchange To summarize staff member Aaron Shekey's comment on this issue in Stack Exchange's GitHub repository, the new Stacks design doesn't have code coverage(?) to swap themes based on user-preference or OS setting. A dark theme will also introduce additional complexity to support when developing new features or fixing ...


bug status-completed Inverse shadow effect on the "welcome to stack overflow", and "Ask questions, get answers, no distractions" text from the tour page: (http://stackoverflow.com/tour) I'm calling it a bug instead of just style preference because it hurts my eyes to look at it for some reason.


feature-requeststatus-deferred Add a button in the top right of the sites menu, so that users can toggle between light and dark mode quicker and easier, in case dark mode is causing problems and they need to temporarily switch to light mode.


bugstatus-completed Stack Snippet Editor The embedded snippet result should not render with a dark background. This is a breaking change to the look of existing Stack Snippets. See the explanation at the end of this answer and the comment chain below for a detailed explanation of why this shouldn't be implemented like this. How the Stack Snippet Editor ...


bugstatus-completed Clicking the question mark button for getting help when posting produces: Happens also in comments formatting help (and the help page): In addition, the Advanced help page has related issues and needs improvement.


Chrome 78 has automatic dark mode behind the #enable-force-dark flag. Visit chrome://flags search for #enable-force-dark. Enable it This enable inverted dark colors everywhere and certainly works well for Stack Overflow


Here's some suggestions (click on the first link of each point for a screenshot). Bold ones are serious issues. Sorry if the list doesn't really follow some kind of order. The blue color of post titles definitely feels off for me. I'm having an hard time reading the text. Confront this with Reddit RES dark theme for example. Question titles and scores: same ...


feature-request A little bit more contrast would be nice. I really have to focus to read tags and normal info texts that surround questions now. Chrome also agrees with me. Please use the audit tool in chrome and run a accessibility audit to see which elements need a touch up. Also, can the links be turned into another color than blue? It blends to a ...


bugstatus-completed When reviewing suggested edits as markdown, the text is very difficult to read: https://stackoverflow.com/review/suggested-edits/25729138


Complete list of reported feature requests and bugs feature-request status-deferred Add toggle button in site switcher (Zera). feature-request status-declined Have different avatars for light mode and dark mode (Scratte). feature-request status-declined Change colours of announcements sidebar (TylerH and JackArbiter). feature-request status-declined Make ...


bug Extending double-beeps answer. A lot of information of review queue summaries is either too hard or impossible to read. Notably the tabs text in the top right, the review count labels and the text in the yellow box linking to the queue.


bug Loading a post in the Late Answers or First Posts queues produces: It should maybe look like when loading an answer outside of a queue:


bug The contrast ratio of the decline reason is 1.25:1 (fails all WCAG text standards):


status-completed The welcome back message has low-contrast text


Essentially, on Stack Overflow, click on your user info in the top bar, click on "edit profile and settings", scroll down to "Preferences" under "Site Settings". It should be the first preference on the page. (click the image to see a gif of the path)


There are many browser extensions that will do the trick very nicely. Search for "dark reader" followed by your browser. Here are a couple of examples. https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/dark-reader/eimadpbcbfnmbkopoojfekhnkhdbieeh/related?hl=en (Chrome) https://addons.mozilla.org/en-GB/firefox/addon/owl/ (Firefox - screenshot below) A slight ...


Transparent images uploaded by users can be difficult to read. In this question there are two images. The top image seems to be transparent and so it looks good without dark mode: Examples of this issue found by other users. The solution for this issue should should work well for these situations too. Niyas Nazar found this post where uml arrows are hard ...


You can change it back using the Preferences page on Stack Overflow. Here is a direct link to the Preferences page for your account: https://stackoverflow.com/users/preferences/current Pick the "Light" option.


feature-request All of the links on a given page look a little too blue. Don't get me wrong; blue is my favorite color. But seeing it like this, kind of everywhere, does still grate the vision a little bit. A different shade for dark mode links would be ideal.


bug Searching for dupes is broken: Vote count is not shown and the contrast of small letters is too low.


bugstatus-completed In the "Select your next badge" modal, there is text that isn't very visible:


This looks really awesome overall! A fantastic addition to the site :) bug status-completed Job Preferences under Edit Profile and Settings still has some light-theme fields: bug status-completed The My Logins page under Edit Profile and Settings still has some dark text and non-transparent icons: bug status-completed The hover and selection colours of ...


Official word from staff is that the "dark theme" option is here to stay—it is not a temporary April Fools' joke.


status-completed The code block syntax highlighting has some contrast issues:

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