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No email received after filling in "Contact Us" form

Update We have now integrated our contact form directly with Jira to insert tickets with an email the correct way. New tickets coming in through the API integration will start receiving an auto-...
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8 votes

Razor code leaking onto the Contacts page

This will be fixed with the next prod deploy. Thanks for the report!
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How can I get in touch with the Stack Overflow sales team for Talent?

Please e-mail us at talent-support @ StackOverflow dot com. We'll get this sorted out for you.
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Cannot submit "merge user profiles" option in Contact Us form

This was a bug related to our migration to modules. This impacted the contact form across all network sites. The contact form wasn't being initialized correctly so the support topic selector wasn't ...
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Is legitimate? What is it for?

We did move back to Freshdesk (from Jira) in October and is the domain we use for that portal. The Tickets tab displayed no tickets for me until I realized I have to open a ...
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How can I track a ticket's status?

There is no supported way to view your tickets in the FreshDesk instance SO is using. From Animuson's answer on MSE: [W]e do use Freshdesk, which has a separate portal with ticket viewing ...
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