It appears that anyone can create a Company Page. From the FAQ: Do I have to have active job listings to create a Company Page? Nope. You can create a free Company Page without job listings. However, to promote your page to more developers through Company Page ads, you will need to have active job listings running. In just a few seconds, I ...


I'm finding a number of spammy company pages, and it's getting too awkward to use the tiny comment boxes. I'm marking this Community Wiki so that everyone else can add to or edit the list. The main sign that I've been seeing that something is wrong is that the "benefits" are not benefits. While I have found some false positives, the vast majority that ...


There are MANY reasons why we can't simply ban a customer from our services because of a flag, meta post, or hearsay on the Internet. There are LOTS of companies that are terrible, terrible places to work at. Glassdoor any popular company and you'll find bad reviews (even Stack Overflow). It doesn't matter how the company acts, you'll ALWAYS find someone ...


Thanks for reporting this! We're actually working on a feature at the moment that adds a few more items in that overflow menu, so we'll fix this styling bug at the same time.


Whoever administers the company page at your company has to invite users to be listed. This is not something anyone else can do. You'll have to ask around; if you have an HR department or dedicated recruiters, they are most likely also in charge of the Stack Overflow Jobs account for your company.


The price is $10/month according to this link: https://stackoverflow.com/teams Edit: According to my old boss it costs $250 a year to post 1 job on stack overflow, but you are better off just hitting the contact us button here: https://www.stackoverflowbusiness.com/talent


This is not our place to judge, and unlike what you think, in the real world one is innocent until proven guilty. You raised your suspicions - good, now let the Careers team check and handle this. No need to panic and demand instant shutdown of something that can be legit. Based on your concepts, Amazon would have been shut down long long ago.


It is because you didn't enabled the Developer Story on your profile whereas the other 2 have it. Try this link https://stackoverflow.com/users/story/current and set the Developer Story. It will look like this


Thank you for the report, Adam. This has been fixed!


The answer for this is to click on the company url or name where they give an input hint on mouse over that appears to indicate the fields are locked. They are also grayed out. However, clicking unlocks the fields and I was able to both change the URL and upload my logo.


This company may be a scam. Can you please stop advertising for them until it is proved that it is genuine? How would SE determine if the company is 'genuine' or not? Why would you think it's SE's responsibility to check for scam? IMHO it should be the candidate considering a career change do the background check / investigation on the company. Just like ...


We don't offer any way to edit the information shown on those pages. If you'd like to change any of it, you'll need to simply delete it from your story and create a new list using updated information, as you've already done. As such, we also do not offer any way of moderating who lists those companies in their developer stories. There's no way to forcibly ...


Okay, it's just that I was impatient. HR figured it out very quickly :) For anyone wondering, it's: company page → company name → edit info → people → send invite link.


Apologies for the extremely late response. Unfortunately, we haven't had a team working on developer story for a while. Thanks for the report. Merged!


I've just implemented this and pushed to production. Thanks for the feedback!

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