Should I go on and create a new question anyway, maybe adding a link to the other question? Since your question is not identical, that is what you should do. Place extra focus on explaining why that answer isn't good enough and what makes your question different.


From How do comment @replies work?: The notification must begin with a space or be at the start of the comment. So .@ does not accomplish the (\s|^)@ pattern and hence does not trigger the notification.


You can @-mention any user that has successfully edited a post in a comment on that post. Their name will not show up in the autocomplete box when typing, but they will be notified. See How do comment @replies work? on Meta.SE for more information.


There are cases when the @ mention is unnecessary and blocked: If the person you are mentioning is the owner of the question/answer you are commenting on then you don't need their user name for them to see the comment. You always get notification of any comment on your own posts. If only one other person has left comments on a post, then that person is ...


If the question really is simple, that means: It's complete and concise It's likely not a duplicate and you can prove it You've got enough context into the specific problem such that your specific desired answer is narrow ...which implies that it's good enough to ask as a full-fledged question.


Yes, the user is probably notified. Retroactively editing an existing comment to ping a user will usually notify the user. Thanks to Kendra's MSE hunting, the relevant portion of How do comment replies work explains: Can I change who gets notified after the comment is posted? When editing a comment within its limited editing period, if you change or add @...


That comment was way over the line, and would not be tolerated from anyone on the site. The fact that this came from someone with an account with a female name probably indicates that this isn't gender-related. Abusive users can come from all backgrounds. If you see something like this in the future, flag the comment or the post involved and we'll act on it....


Using the information from the comment by @Mat and according to this answer you can do the following to match a name with spaces in an @-reference: Spaces are removed from the display names for matching purposes. So to match Peter Smith you may use @pet, @peter, @peters, or @petersmith. The last two are useful if Peter Jones is also participating, who ...


This you can achieve by mentioning (@) that user with his username. For example, to reply to some comment of mine you would write: @DarkCygnus so, are you saying that... On a further note, I have noticed that the @ sometimes "disappears" if you are mentioning the author of the post itself. If you were to mention me on this answer the @ will dissappear (...


The @ mention will work, but the auto-completion feature does not. From this answer: Why do some names not appear in the auto-complete box? ... Additionally, only users who have commented on the post are ever populated into the list. Editors and other users from the post's history will never appear there, even if they are able to be notified by ...


If I post a comment and someone begins pinging me repeatedly to force my attention, I delete my comment. It's unfortunate, since my comment may have had useful, relevant information. I'm increasingly of the opinion though that life's too short to stress out about things like that, and that my effort is better spent elsewhere helping people that respect my ...


Create a new question explaining clearly (best with your attempts and code samples) what you have trouble with. You can give links to the posts you mention to give context. Please remember to follow guidelines from the help center on asking questions. For example, in this case (because you've mentioned you have "questions") focus on one issue per one post. ...


There are some strict rules which users can be @-replied to, as explained in How do comment @replies work? As the Community User is not really a user (as mentioned by Jeanne Dark) you will not find Community on questions or answers on SO (but Sebastian was kind enough to dig one up on MSE 1). Nor did the Community user comment on posts or dupe hammer any ...


The OP (and the person @pinged) will always get notified of comments. Because it's convenient, especially with usernames containing spaces. I don't think utterly removing the "loose" matching is a good idea, as it allows users to skip portions of particularly long usernames. The feature could be improved by making it look for a exact match, first. If an ...


It doesn't "work" in the sense that this comment isn't delivered to the inbox of whoever downvoted. Using this notation is just a way of commenting and hoping whoever downvoted will read the comments and address the comment directed at him or her.


You can can sometimes @ping close voters: For questions: The moderator or gold badge holder who closed or reopened the question, provided they were the only one to do so. Although generally, you can't: Users who have closed or reopened a question without a binding close vote (i.e. without a gold tag badge or a moderator vote), and those who bindingly ...


Comments are to be used to talk with one person to clarify some matters which the person posted on your question/answer. Otherwise, Stack Overflow users might use a single comment to call everyone. Example: @abdulla @Robert_Harvey @DMaster please check my question We also can't ping mods. Please also read: How do comment @replies work?


This has already been status-declined on Meta Stack Exchange, the meta for the entire network.


Perhaps something like this would add enough additional visibility without ramming it down people's retina? Replace 'commenters' with a concise description of whatever the rules allow you to tag: '...to tag another commenter', '...to tag the author or another commenter.', I don't know the rules so will leave the exact details to the gurus. For those who ...


According to How do comment @replies work?, you can ping in comments any user who has edited a post: Who can be notified with this feature? The author of the post. Note that the author of the post will always be notified of any new comment. You may still use it for clarity, if needed; however if only you and the author have commented on the post so far, ...


You were not eligible for an @-mention that triggers an inbox notification because you had not interacted with the post via edit or (non-deleted) comment. One cannot just @-ping arbitrary users; for the exact rules see How do comment @replies work?


You can press tab to complete the name, or, click on it.


As the first comment states, yes you can but you aren't guaranteed a response. The other option is to ask a new question that references the older question and answer, where you ask for the additional details. Try to add as much detail as to what the previous answer is lacking in order to get a good response.


Such comments could certainly appear on the site, as checking every posted question, answer and comment if it's offensive before it can be posted is not scalable and essentially assumes that most comments are offensive, which is not the case. Therefore if you see such comments, flag them for moderator attention, as they're simply out of line.


In general if you find yourself wanting to address lots of people in comments you're doing it wrong. Comments are not meant for extended discussions, but to ask for clarification/point out possible mistakes/etc. In your (now deleted example) the simple answer is just to delete your original comment and move on. You could flag the comments that point out ...


You can't mention more than one user in a single comment. That's why it didn't work. You can mention people anywhere in your comment. For more info, see How do comment @replies work?


It is useful, because, although it doesn't become a link, the mentioned user will get a notification in their inbox. Users get notified about a comment, if... the user owns the post, or the user was mentioned and was previously active on the post


There is a central FAQ on MSE: How do comment @replies work? that explains this in detail, but in short, this is not something you can even do. Only people already involved with a post can be pinged in comments. Comment replies can only notify: The author of the post you are commenting on Anyone that has already commented on the post Anyone that has edited ...


The nickname only shows up when that user commented before you, and they are not the author of the post (at least not until more people have also commented). For example, I can't @ anybody, in a comment on your question, nor can you @Cerbrus (unless you type it manually), until I comment on this post. And even then, if just one other user is replying to me,...

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