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Why is this comment not unfriendly/unkind?

No one that use their votes should be called "really a weird person". Because they are not. Such phrases go into the abusive behavior category of the Code of Conduct and should always be ...
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Why were "no longer needed" flags declined?

Sorry, it looks like I mishandled these flags. Upon rereading them, they are all made redundant by the edits, but I didn't realize it at the time. I thought they meant something different at the time.
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27 votes

Do flags affect a user's ability to comment?

As mentioned in the comments, suspensions prevent commenting. A sufficient amount of unfriendly or harassment flags (read: unfriendly/harassment flags on 3 or more comments in a short period of time) ...
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23 votes

How can we best flag comments suggesting that askers upload their code to GitHub (or another cloud service)?

Flag such comments as NLN by default A comment that gives wrong advice was never needed; therefore it is "no longer" needed. This is a perfectly intended use of the flagging reason. If you ...
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9 votes

How should I handle comments posted as answers to off-topic questions?

I am not sure if much can be done about this. Comments cannot be downvoted and we can only delete them by flagging. There's no option to flag comments as "encouraging unwanted behavior". ...
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How should I handle comments posted as answers to off-topic questions?

How to handle comments posted as answers to off-topic questions? If the comment provides guidance to the user about why the question is not appropriate or even hints and answers to such questions, ...
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Proper flag for when a comment almost directly restates another comment

Such a comment is "No longer needed", as clearly it was never needed. Of course, if the original comment isn't useful, feel free to flag that as well.
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Invalid Code of Conduct anchor links in the comment flagging dialog

Thanks for the bug report! I've updated the links, please let me know if you have any other issues with them.
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