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Should we edit a question to transcribe code from an image to text?

I feel that we should not be editing a post to transcribe code in an image into text. Some of these reasons have already been touched on in the other answers, such as: Could introduce errors. Might ...
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But seriously. How to be nice when trying to say the code is crap?

The idea you're trying to communicate is inherently not nice. So don't bother trying to communicate it. Downvote, close vote if it's appropriate (if a post has lots of disparate bugs, then it's Too ...
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70 votes

Answers with large amounts of code (whole scripts)

I'mma squint real hard and try to see what this question is. im trying to get my data from a .txt separated into a dataframe. the text file looks like this this is a shortend version of what im ...
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Edited question made less readable

The editor probably thought that since it was not code, the closest thing is a quotation of the console. Therefore, change a code block to a block quote. Since it does not make the question easier ...
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Should questions about obfuscated code be off-topic?

Should questions about obfuscated code be off-topic? Yes, they should be off topic. Why? They are generally either too broad or unclear. Too broad, because posting obfuscated code is basically ...
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How best to correct poor coding practice which isn't related to the answer

Yes, a comment would be appropriate. To give an example, there must be at least a million comments in the php and mysql tags along the lines of Please note that mysql_ functions are unsafe and ...
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Are edits that insert Swift 3 code into existing Swift 2 answers acceptable?

I have no doubt that this user means well - and most users doing similar edits probably mean well too. But such edits are not updates to the existing code, they are new answers entirely. An update ...
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Is it link-only when there is a link and description but no code?

No, code isn't required, but the answer does need to at least have enough information that the answer can be used without following the link. I don't believe code must exist for that to be the case. I ...
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Should questions about obfuscated code be off-topic?

Even if they are on topic, which they are not, and they are not dangerous, which they are, they are too broad and generally not reusable. It's basically a "explain this bunch of code to me, with ...
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Should we edit a question to transcribe code from an image to text?

No, it is clear from the tutorial and help pages that code and data must be in text form, so that it can be reproduced. So close these questions for a lack of details.
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Are backticks appropriate for emphasizing references to things that show up in code?

Yes, this usage is acceptable. Identifiers that are found in source code are code, and therefore it's acceptable to format them as if they are code. The rule is, inline code formatting is only for ...
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42 votes

Should code from pastebin be edited into a question?

In general, yes. Questions should be self-contained, i.e. all information must be in the question itself and not depend on external links (which may break). There are exceptions, though. If the ...
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40 votes

But seriously. How to be nice when trying to say the code is crap?

I usually call these situations "extenuating constraints"; the code that is presented to us is not code that anyone would actually want to use in production, but is code that the OP has decided to ...
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Should I edit posts with improved style?

The trouble is you've changed the answer from one that works in any version of Python to one that now requires at least Python 3.6. Anyone having to work with a legacy version of Python will now find ...
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30 votes

Can we please have a shortcut for "Do not post code or errors as images"?

Yes, but no. Let's stop fixing symptoms. It's great if you haven't given up on user education. But the priority should be on prevention, not cleaning up. SO could easily avoid most of these cases with ...
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Should we edit a question to transcribe code from an image to text?

The answer is pretty simple: No. There is a FAQ that addresses the issue: Please do not upload images of code/errors when asking a question. It is the OP's responsibility to post the actual code. The ...
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Can't Seem to get This Code Into a Codeblock

Testing with a textarea produces this result when four spaces is typed in (encoded so we can see whitespace characters): Seems like Chrome inserts a linefeed character %0A after two spaces, as the ...
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How to provide additional code to comment an answer?

Or should I edit my question (risking that my question gets longer and longer)? Do not edit and scope-creep your original question. If you have additional requirements exposed by the answer, ask a ...
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Is it ever ok to put an image of code in a question?

All IMO... It can be useful if the question is about the meaning of certain icons or other visual aspects of code presentation in an IDE. If the question is about the code itself, then it should ...
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How production-ready should code in answers be?

I believe that Stack Overflow is very useful repository of information for students and professionals. When we answer we should strive for best quality, so anyone reading the answer can benefit from ...
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What's better: a question with no attempt or with an unfixable/irrelevant attempt?

You seem to be asking two unrelated questions here: "What's better: a question with no attempt or with an unfixable/irrelevant attempt?" If the code posted by the OP is indeed a genuine attempt to ...
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20 votes

Which flag should I use for too much code?

You should use Needs debugging details The question should be updated to include desired behavior, a specific problem or error, and the shortest code necessary to reproduce the problem. which is ...
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Should we edit a question to transcribe code from an image to text?

I think the key point here is, as in the second bullet of your first quote: It's just too easy to introduce new errors. OK, in the particular case (your edit) that prompted this, I don't see an ...
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19 votes

When reviewing, is it OK to accept code edits to an answer?

No, this is not acceptable. This changes the OP's intent; if someone thinks different code is appropriate, they should post their own answer, or they should comment under the answer suggesting that ...
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19 votes

Is it link-only when there is a link and description but no code?

Without code it's an incomplete answer. I would personally downvote it because it doesn't answer the question without the linkā€”the person who asked the question presumably doesn't know about limited ...
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18 votes

How will Article 13 (EU) impact content on the Stack Exchange network?

Meh, I work at a HQ of a large multinational company that is in EU. It has been a topic here. The thing is: these politicians are not aware about the technological feasibility of enforcing these new ...
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Should questions about obfuscated code be off-topic?

Sometimes OP needs legitimate help in deobfuscating a piece of code, a piece of code that genuinely does not understand and has no bad intent behind it. Such an hypothetical piece of code (which is ...
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Answers with large amounts of code (whole scripts)

Answering a question with 100 lines of code is OK in some cases, but not this one. From How do I ask a good question? in SO's help documentation: "if your problem is with code you've written, you ...
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