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When is it OK to upload images of code/data/errors?

Images can and should be used to show information that cannot be conveyed with text. For example, when you have text that appears blurred or mangled in your program, it would be of no use to paste the ...
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How to fix the error "your post appears to contain code that is not properly formatted as code"

It seems it was the '=' character near the top of the post. I changed "vertices = 2,411,523" to "vertices: 2,411,523" and that worked (was able to submit the question).
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code formatting lost after edit, revert would not fix it

I restored the code formatting in the answer. The code appeared to be specifically in reference to point #2, so I left it indented under that item. It wasn't previously indented. In fact, the numbered ...
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Give a code block a filename

I fully agree with the proposal and I don't understand all of the downvotes. This is already doable e.g. via python markdown extensions, like this: ``` py title="bubble_sort.py" def ...
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PowerShell Syntax Highlighting

There is no great option for powershell right now. For example, with lang-powershell: Get-date Or with ```sh Get-date Both cases see the - as a subtraction operator and then show the words "...
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How to display a pandas dataframe on a Stack Overflow question body

Even though OP says it’s unreadable, the table shown in the question looks good enough. However, here are some suggestions to improve readability (remember, the goal to include a minimal, reproducible ...
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Why is there no line numbering in code sections?

This is a terrible idea that runs completely counter to the site's design and goals. In particular, it spits in the face of the concept of a minimal reproducible example - or as some might prefer to ...
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