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Why does the first line of a code block often get an extra level of indentation?

The cause is a user incorrectly thinking that the "Code Sample" (Ctrl+K) button in the editor should be pressed before pasting the code, instead of after pasting and selecting the code block....
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How to paste Python code in Stack Overflow without DIY

You can always use three backticks (```) and prevent the need to indent the code: ``` code ``` Or select and use Ctrl + K to indent automatically.
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Are there any Stack Overflow rules regarding line indentation in formatted code?

It's important to look at things in perspective... ...and to be fair, the new edit makes the post a bit more readable and would be something we'd trust someone with expanded edit privileges to do. It ...
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Mixing monospace and normal text doesn't look nice

So the cause of this is that ...well, they are misaligned. By 2 pixels: The fact that it's 2 pixels is unsurprising, given that the font-size of inline code blocks is 13px, while post body text is ...
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Prevent wrapping inline code

There will always be some ambiguities when determining where to insert line breaks in code. Short of inserting a character that instructs the browser to not break the word here, I have no idea how you ...
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