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Looking at a question like this, I usually like to seek out prior art that does a good job of not being tainted by either its age or its questionable topicality. Seems like there's a decent number of practical questions asking for comparisons between two different and explicit things. What are the differences between a HashMap and a Hashtable in Java? What ...


Yes, it is quite normal that we take 6 to 8 weeks before anything happens. Moderation is still underpaid here. Most of us would rather be lazy than to put in any work. I've made another edit to your question, but it is still a bit broad. Do you want to use EnvDTE? Or make it an extension:


The problem with the OP's code is that it had a missing ;. This should definitely be closed as a "Typo", since the compiler catches this. Misunderstandings that lead to errors are fine, but errors that are caught by a compiler are generally not useful to anyone else. Answers such as "please add a semi-colon" are in fact a prime example ...


I removed the "or another Go package" fragment (among other edits), which makes the question on-topic, and I cast a vote to reopen the question. It is now open.

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