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This tag indicates that the question is a call to arms, a cry for help, a request for assistance. The Stack Exchange network is in constant motion and therefore it's sometimes necessary to request help for mass-reviews and edits (not retaggings).

Table of Contents

  • Background
  • (Synonym-Tag) What is a "posse"?
  • What does it mean for me?
  • I have low rep, can I still help?
  • Can I start my own crusade?
  • Am I allowed to call out for retaggings?


Since the beginning of Stack Overflow and therefor the beginning of Stack Exchange was the network designed as a complete community effort. Not only is the community providing high quality content (questions & answers), they are also providing support and manpower to keep this high level of quality.

From time to time, manual edits and cleanup is needed to ensure this level of quality.

(Synonym-Tag) What is a "posse"?

posse (plural posses)

  • (US) A group of people summoned to help law enforcement
  • (US) A search party
  • (US) A criminal gang
  • (by extension) A group of associates

Quoted from Wiktionary

A posse is a group of people which form up to follow the call to arms, and endure hours of mindless editing and digging through search results.

What does it mean for me?

It means that Stack Exchange is not only you, but it needs you. There are many cries for help right now, they range from hunting spammers over removing shortened URLs to identifying dead content and replacing it. Everyone can help, no matter how much rep you have.

I have low rep, can I still help?

Of course! Some requests for help need somebody who can cast close or even deletion votes, but most need simple rights to edit or flag content. But even if you have low rep you can still make suggested-edits and flag content.

Can I start my own crusade?

If you've found something which needs to be done and you're sure you can't do it alone, then yes, you can request your own posse.

Am I allowed to call out for retaggings, I mean replacing one tag with another?

No! Retaggings can be done a lot faster, easier and less disruptive by the moderators and developers. They have tools at their fingertips about we mortals can only dream. Never, for whatever reason, try to do mass-retaggings without calling for help from a moderator or developer.

Well, what about retaggings which include adding tags (f.e. version tags)?

Please come to Meta first to discuss it, but overall this is one of the core ideas of this tag.

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