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CV-PLS old requests room moderator/CM authorization

Disclaimer: I am an SOCVR Room Owner and moderator. Mostly speaking for myself here. I... don't think you explicitly need moderator or CM permission to do this (CMs don't generally approve stuff like ...
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Is there a way to search/browse my own chatroom history?

Look through appropriately named chat rooms (i.e. with your username), including frozen and deleted rooms Your best bet is going to be going through the rooms which were created for your conversations....
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What happened to the chat?

Updated on MSE as well in Chat is redirecting to Area 51 (2023 edition) Original issue is resolved and we have a note in our retro plans to also shore up the weird redirect when throwing errors. The ...
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Room owners should be allowed to accept <20 rep users to talk in a room

I'm a big proponent of chat. I do support the intent of the request here because I feel that there's value in it as a concept. That said, I feel like the implementation requested here is too broad and ...
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CV-PLS old requests room moderator/CM authorization

My concern is... if the purpose of SOCVR's requirement is to ensure questions that need to be actioned aren't drowned out by older less important question closures, and the users of the new room are ...
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Room owners should be allowed to accept <20 rep users to talk in a room

From answer to Moderator moves comments to chat - can low-rep user participate? Upon further investigation in a chat room in which this recently occurred, it appears that all existing participants ...
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Names of room-owning moderators should be italicized

I've marked this as status-completed, even though there is an equally strong argument for marking it as status-declined. Either way, the system has changed in a way that obsoletes this feature request....
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Chat - Unhide or unignore messages

In case you have ignored this user, you need to track the persons chat profile and "unignore" the user. See this Q&A on Meta: How to unhide chat messages by hidden user In case you have ...
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