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This is just how browsers work. SO has no say in this. Your browser is re-building the page based on its own memory of what the page was like the last time it loaded it, rather than fetching it from SO again.


Looking at your profile right now, I see all the numbers matching up - they are all at 95 right now. As others have said - these bits are all cached, so the display can get out of sync (normally for a few minutes, though if more votes happen in the meanwhile...).


Diagram... ish: [Web Server] [Web Server n] (level 1, in process) (level 1, in process) | | | (on cache miss) | | | +---------[Redis Master]-------+ (level 2) | | (replication) ...


Yes, there was a caching problem in that the Cache-Control header was updated to prevent public proxies from caching logged-in pages. However, since the new header did not include a max-age parameter anymore browsers started caching responses too aggressively. That omission was corrected earlier today. In addition, it appears that the Vary header has been ...


What's almost certain to have happened is that SO periodically save questions and answers as you're typing them in. That way, if you're disconnected or otherwise interrupted when you're typing the text of a question/answer, it can be restored when you get back to the page. The cache should be cleared when you post the question/answer. But if you never ...


Some of the daily scripts have been timing out - including the one that would fix this particular issue, meaning that vote corrections didn't complete. We are looking at fixing those timeouts - that will sort out all discrepancies.


This is the answer coming from Why is my electorate badge not showing up? The new profile tracker does put a checkmark on the badge once you meet the requirements. Awarding the badge takes a bit longer, and, as far I can see, you've got it. So once you see such a checkmark, you can be sure the badge is already flying to you on the big wings.


The "Hot Meta Posts" section is cached. Neither title nor score changes will automatically update that section. However, the next time that post hits the "Hot Meta Posts" section, if it does, it will have its latest version of the title and its most recent score.


Because caching. Depending on where you put the image, the file could be requested a lot of times. Generating the image is a relatively expensive process (in terms of CPU time) so in order to avoid overloading the Stack Exchange servers, flair images are cached. If you want people to check your current up-to-the-minute accurate reputation, then include a ...


You're seeing the effect of caching and the time needed to propagate the changes to all servers. If you would have kept refreshing that page you sometimes can observe that on one page load the question(s) are gone and on the next they are all back again. That depends on which server in the server farm is serving the page. The effect is even more clear if ...


No, there is no specific time that you need to wait. You just need to be patient.


When you press the Back button in your browser, it retrieves the previous page from your cache. This not only speeds up loading, but also ensures that what you see is exactly what you were seeing before. Therefore, the reputation score displayed on that cached page has not been updated. If you refresh, or navigate to a new page, then it will reload it from ...


Try checking again now. Here is what it looks like to me: Completely correct. Reputation takes time to update between websites. You just hadn't waited long enough. You see this sometimes even between SO and MSO - there is a time delay between when you receive reputation and when your profile on other sites will display it. Waiting ~15 minutes should give ...


Probably because it would be too expensive to do constant updates. Generating once a day and caching the result keeps the cost reasonable.


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