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The process for tag removal is called burnination. This tag is for questions about how the burnination process works. For burnination requests please use the [burninate-request] tag.

If you want to remove tags, you need Trogdor a burnination request thread on Meta. Bluefeet said so on the Internet, which makes it true. But people have questions about burnination and we have answers. Maybe. This is Meta after all and you're using a meta tag on Meta which is akin to infinite recursion. But, enough about that. Maybe you want to ask things like

  • I want to know if burninating this tag is possible without opening a
  • I want to discuss when/where to use burnination
  • What's up with Trogdor? Is he a man or a dragon?
  • You have a problem with a burnination and want to discuss this with the broader SO community

Before asking, check if your question is not covered in Burnination criteria and process post.

YouTube: Trogdor