Requests to have a tag "burninated" (or deleted) from the system. Use for both requesting a removal, as well as discussing if a tag needs removal. Read the tag wiki for more details.

Use this tag for requests to have the tag deleted from the system. Per Community Managers, a Meta discussion is necessary before removing any tags with more than 50 questions.

Don't start on a re-tag only edit spree, especially if you don't have full edit-privileges (2,000 reputation or above). Please, do not start retagging before community consensus is reached, as described in the burnination process. Previous bulk tag removals which have not followed the process have not gone well (from the prior CM link)

This is just a friendly reminder that we have a process to do this and that it should be followed... The incident that prompted this resulted in our team spending the morning restoring tags to over 12 thousand questions, a waste of time both for us and for the editor who removed them.


In practice, burnination means editing every question individually and removing the tag while doing any additional moderation (voting/flagging/editing). Make sure your question contains guidance about how each of these options should be used.

There are very specific cases when tag burnination is necessary. The burnination process should be followed in all cases where the intent is to eliminate or reorganize a tag. For tags with 50 questions or less, there is an abbreviated process to follow. For tags with more than 50 questions, the full process needs to be followed.

Your request needs to obtain community consensus prior to being acted upon, so the Meta question you create should present enough evidence to support the removal of the tag. For example, include evidence like wrong/ambiguous usage, lack of context, presence of off-topic questions, and statistics about related tags. Down votes, comments and answers defending the tag are signs for lack of consensus. A burnination should not be taken on before a clear and widely supported solution does obtain consensus.

If you need feedback on your request from followers in that tag, consider checking if they are available in a chat room. The SOCVR room is a general room with moderation of the Stack Overflow proper (not Meta!) as the topic. Questions about burninations on Main are welcome there.

Moderators do not have any special tools for the removal of tags. The only folks who can summarily remove a tag are the SE developers and/or the Community Managers, but they seldom take that action themselves unless the tag is especially egregious.

Additional options

If your request is not to have the tag deleted outright, use or instead.

If you are requesting that the tag be blocklisted as well as burninated, you should also include the tag on the question. Blocklist requests are only considered if the tag was previously burninated and has been recreated.

If you are asking a question about how burnination works, use .

Before You Request Tag Deletion

If the tag has 0 questions associated with it, do not submit a tag deletion request. Tags with no questions are automatically deleted by the system within 24 hours and require no action on a moderator's part.


Burnination of a tag originally started as a meme which was often associated with Trogdor the dragon burning the tags with fire. It stands for simple deletion of a tag. Burninating tags does not imply that they will be merged with another tag, synonymized with another tag, or blocklisted altogether.


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