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Is "burning a bounty" acceptable behavior?

Sounds like abuse of the system; I would flag for moderator attention with a custom moderator flag. With only a limited screenshot I can't properly infer, but if nothing else Looking at the Q&A in ...
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Is "burning a bounty" acceptable behavior?

Given that it would not be possible to 'burn a bounty' with a single account, this is abuse of using multiple accounts. You are not allowed to use multiple accounts for anything that you cannot do ...
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Two accounts, one username, their deleted question & its bounty

My vote: Not allowed After reviewing the rules for bounty refunds, I determined that this setup doesn't really give any material benefit in itself. In other words, if there was only one account that ...
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Is "burning a bounty" acceptable behavior?

On one hand, this is a clear abuse of the system, since they're using a second account to do something they can't do otherwise. On the other hand, I just had my bounty (which I placed on other's ...
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