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Should the Roomba take bookmarks into account?

an argument can also be made that upvoting and bookmarking mean different things Yes they do mean different things: upvoting means you think a question has value and should be kept on the site; and ...
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Allow users to create custom categories into which to sort bookmarks

I've created a userscript (available on Stack Apps) called "StackMarks™" which enables you to categorize your bookmarks. It has a dashboard where you can view the current bookmarks and ...
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Yellowed bookmark

If you look at the source code of the page, you would find out that the bookmark is yellow because it has the CSS class bg-yellow-050. Which means it is yellow because it is yellow... More usefully, ...
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What does the favorites (Bookmarks) number indicate?

Quote from Jeff Atwood (Co-founder of Stack Exchange): if you favorite a question, you opt in to updates on that question and they will show in your /recent/ and light up the envelope, just as if you ...
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How to remove old bookmarks?

Is there a way to "uncheck" bookmarks that are, for example, more than 3 years old? Yes. Go to your bookmarks page on your profile's Activity tab Sort by either "Newest" or &...
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