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Should a favorite bookmark prompt the user to upvote?

I often favorite bad question to keep track of them in terms of close and delete votes.
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Is it possible to bookmark Stack Overflow questions/discussions?

Is it possible to bookmark them, like in forums? Your wording is a bit ambiguous: "bookmark" could mean a lot of things, but I'm assuming you mean keep it for later reference. You can star questions,...
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Is it possible to order/filter favorites by tags?

Yes, it is. For example, infavorites:mine [bug] or [support] searches for your favorite with bug or support. Try it.
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Is the new "bookmark" button just "favorite" button renamed?

They are both the same thing, just renamed. I had a favorite on an old question and now it is a bookmark. They also made an announcement on it.
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Feedback - Stack Overflow should have a bookmark button

Have you ever noticed that star next to any question just below the up/down vote buttons? This star means favourite question. Click it, and this question will be marked as your personal favourite, so ...
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Making the bookmarks for each answer more accessible?

Currently, if I want to create a direct link to an specific answer I have to: Right click on the answer. Select "Inspect Element". Snip rest of steps. There is a much easier solution: ...
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Wouldn't there be a point to add a bookmark option for answers?

I assume you're using a browser to visit Stack Overflow. That means you can grab a link to the answer (with the share option underneath it), like this one: https://meta.stackoverflow.com/a/327647/...
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