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@Rene’s answer is correct: Most companies have a blog today. It’s their public face to the world, as an entity. It’s used for company announcements, to demonstrate SME, for PR, partnerships, SEO, etc. Given many recent events, I’m guessing in a few months’ time, SE is going to announce some major changes to Meta, and repurpose or refocus the site. One ...


No, the blog is not just for users of the site Stack Overflow. It is for the broadest possible group of visitors having an interest in the company Stack Overflow. So that is users. non-users, Google-ers, Bing-ers, investors, corporate entities, you name it. Due to that target group it won't be shut down, no matter what your, mine or the whole Meta opinion ...


It appears to be fixed as of the 25th of July, but don't ask me how:

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