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No, I don't want to know how review queues work

The Network announcement for this feature mentions these already: We are also showing a popover to users who earned access to review queues in the past, but have never done a review or haven't ...
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How should we handle suspicious questions with close-explanations in question-text?

Why does this happen? As mentioned in the comments to the question, most instances of this are likely due to a user reposting a question that was closed. This is not necessarily done with bad intent, ...
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7 votes

Inconsistencies on notification banner themes

The banner is the same on SO & Meta, when both are rendered in light mode: I'm assuming the banner being light in dark mode is to make sure there's enough contrast to make the banner actually ...
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5 votes

No, I don't want to know how review queues work

Strange. The network announcement says that this popover is visible to those who haven't reviewed in the past 30 days. However, I reviewed 40 posts (and almost cleared) the suggested edits queue just ...
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The 2022 Developer Survey results header announcement uses the link text "here", which is not accessible to users browsing with screen readers

Update: We have deployed a fix that makes all the text in the announcement banner a link.
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5 votes

Automatically dismiss the "This post has been deleted" banner in triage review

We'll take a look at this as part of the review queue visual overhaul currently in progress and make sure things are working as intended. Thanks for the report! We'll post an update here once that's ...
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4 votes

Should the cookie warning be updated to include a clickable link?

Thanks for the report! We were able to get this fixed up in our last build and seems to be back to how it should be. We even fixed the period to be outside the link instead of inside - that's what you ...
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3 votes

Non readable alert with dark theme

Good catch! We’ve identified a fix for this that’ll go out with the next build. To support browsers that don’t allow for CSS variables, we would inline some styles. The text color wasn’t inlined, so ...
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How can we get rid of Stack Overflow for Teams advertising forever?

This might speak to an imbalance of how advertisements are displayed to users who have the Reduce Ads privilege. In short, by ticking this setting... as an authenticated user will no longer ...
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