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I say no: these avatars are not obscene or offensive, so there is no need to limit their use. These avatars are just the default for people who sign in with Google who don't have an image associated with their Google account either. If you want, you can block images from "". (Doing this will also block images of people who have set ...


I had the same problem, and finally I found the reason after some investigations. For me, the Chrome addon Midlight Lizard caused this issue. For those who do not have Midlight Lizard installed, you can try to pause Greasemonkey, Stylish and so on.


For flags on user accounts you generally should not expect any obvious instant outcome for flags marked "helpful" - unless there is something outrageous moderators would try to contact user first to sort out the issue/behavior on the site. In this case 2+ month is long enough time for the user to update their profile back (if a moderator originally ...

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