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+100 trusted reputation on the site which reached the threshold

There is nothing to correct here. You reached the required trigger level, 200 points or more, fair and square. You may have reached it only briefly but you did so long enough for the system to ...
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How did this user gain association reputation without having any Q&A activity?

The 'association bonus earnable' flag is stored on the Stack Exchange network profile, and is never cleared. Even when the original account is deleted. The user must've had an account with 200+ ...
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Previously-deleted rude user back with new account

You're right, this looks like a bug related to the account-association process. The previous account was deleted by a moderator as a sock puppet of a currently suspended user. It was deleted in such a ...
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"voting corrected" does not reverse site association bonus: it's not OK

The “association bonus” concept is very questionable these days given the number of Stack Exchange sites. I think it should be replaced with a “network wide” privilege set that you gain on all sides,...
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Why am I still a trusted user?

This seems like a legitimate scenario to me, you did earn the 200 rep mark for the 100 rep association bonus, which led to you legitimately keeping it as it was properly earned, even if the 15 ...
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What are the milestones where a user gets bonus reputation?

Are there any other bonuses like this, when total reputation reaches on 1000 or above? No. The point of the association bonus is to give people whom we believe already know the basics of the system (...
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Why did I not receive the reputation bonus?

That's an excellent question. According to the logs on Nov. 13: Global Recalc: question upvote value change old rep = 179, new rep = 319 So you went from not having quite enough reputation for the ...
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Why did I not receive the reputation bonus?

Update: This has been completed. A fix for the backend tooling and a cleanup pass to issue missing grants has been run. 1,009 accounts have just received the bonus. The bug here is an interesting ...
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I just received approx. a bajillion rep because I'm "trusted on other sites"?

No, it's not a bug and it's not new. You recently reached 200 reputation, thus you received 100 extra reputation for each Stack Exchange site you have an account on. You will also now receive another ...
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"You've earned a bonus of 100 reputation because we trust you on other sites in the network"

You earned over 200 rep on one site. This give you the bonus on all sites (including the one you got to 200 on, getting you to jump to > 300 there).
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I guess I earned 2410 reputation today

This is from you earning the association bonus. It looks like you passed 200 reputation on Stack Overflow today, which would trigger it. From the help center: If you are an experienced Stack ...
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Account blocked after receiving multiple +100 reputation rewards

I think this is a matter of coincidence rather than correlation. All +100 are site association bonuses: If you are an experienced Stack Exchange network user with 200 or more reputation on at ...
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Why does the association bonus not count on protected questions?

We on Codegolf had the problem that a question got popular. It was shared first on the sideboard, then on HN and reddit, and attracted a lot of low quality posts. The people who posted an answer had (...
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Why am I still a trusted user?

The system does a one-time application of the association bonus, adding 100 reputation to your account. From there, the normal rules of reputation apply. Since the association bonus is not ...
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Are users with 200 reputation points on a team getting association bonuses again?

Sorry. We were spamming in a private team without the intention of gaining an association bonus. The rule for that particular team was that we could spam without end and gain rep from that. Today, we ...
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Why am I still a trusted user?

As association bonus, 100 points are awarded to the user who reaches 200 (magic number) reputation on any site across Stack Exchange network. This happens only once across all network sites. This ...
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Can the site association bonus be rewarded more than once?

You can't receive it more than once on the same site. You'll always receive it for every new site in the network that you register for, but you won't be able to get more than 100 reputation in this ...
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Does the "Association Bonus" affect a question ban?

The post-ban algorithm is secret. We do know that the post-bans are site-specific, so in general activity in one site has no bearing in a post-ban in a different site. The sole exception might be ...
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Yearling badge not awarded since assocation bonus

You already have yearling 3 times on both SO and Meta. Seeing as you've been a member for for 3 years and 7 months, everything seems to be correct.
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Reputation shown different in Stack Overflow and Meta Stack Exchange

Try checking again now. Here is what it looks like to me: Completely correct. Reputation takes time to update between websites. You just hadn't waited long enough. You see this sometimes even ...
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