status-review I am not a UX designer, but in the "What's your title?" page of the wizard, I feel like the examples should be grouped by example, not by good or bad. See below for visual. which would result in something looking like this. It makes more sense to have this grouping to me, but I could just be crazy.


Maybe it's just me, but I didn't even see the additional fields at first. I did what was asked of me in the blue highlight and then hit the blue button: I expected hitting Next after filling in Summarize the problem would put me in the Provide background including what you've already tried and instead it brings me to review. This seems like an easy mistake ...


feature-request I strongly suggest switching the top entry so I need help with a homework problem comes before I have a question about my code. Here's why: I have a question about my code : I need help with a homework problem — ↑↑↑ This belongs up there ↑↑↑ Homework seekers are one of the leading categories of problems this site sees &...


bugstatus-planned I think the "We found similar questions" page should be skipped if there isn't one:


bug status-planned You can't go back in the wizard. If you hit your mouse or browser's Back button, you start the wizard all over again - and the title, had you already entered it, is lost when you do so.


Be more explicit in the homework warning Currently, the effect of selecting the homework option in the first step appears to be that you get shown this: I find this phrasing unnecessarily weak and giving a false impression to pure help vampires. The tip suggests that asking a proper question “only” improves the quality and speed of answers. It fails to ...


I really like the setup for this. Asking them to put the tags in up front yields a massive advantage in presenting the user with targeted existing material. One major thing is missing though, in the similar questions page. We found similar javascript questions that match your title, "how do i sort an array" Did it really though? No. It didn't take the ...


feature-request Just to put Will's comment into a formal answer, the title should come after writing out the substance of the question. It helps them focus more on what they've written rather than what they may have originally thought their question was about.


Where do the headings go? When I enter this: I get this: And that doesn't really make for a readable question. Perhaps prepend some headers, like What I've tried: before those sections.


feature-request Guide users to create an MCVE The guidance currently highlights the importance of code formatting (which is great!), but it fails to note the importance of creating a Minimal, Complete, Verifiable example. Although the bold text ('Share as little code as possible that still reproduces the same problem') starts to hint towards this, a new ...


bug The Do any of these answer your question? still appears when the search for similar questions returns 0 results, and asks you to verify that none of these 0 similar questions answer your question. This issue has already been raised in this answer when the prototype was just ready, and apparently is status-planned there.


bug status-completed The wizard shakes violently when loaded in Internet Explorer 11. This makes the wizard completely unusable in that browser and can cause accessibility issues with users with photosensitive epilepsy. I've captured an animated GIF of the issue, but it's in spoiler markup because epilepsy warning: It seems that it cannot decide what the ...


You ask me "Do any of these answer your question?", but the button text says Next. Perhaps it could read something like "No, I still want to ask a new question"? That way users understand exactly what the button is doing and there's some discouragement to blindly ask anyway.


Somehow, this has gotten worse than it was the last time it was trialled. In its current state, a user who wants to ask a "how to" question without showing an attempt has to either explicitly violate the instructions in the wizard or give up and go away. That's a disaster. For those who haven't seen the wizard, let's talk through it. We start at this topic ...


When recommending other sites, the positivity is overwhelming. In situations like this, we need to have the OP acknowledge two things have happened: They've posted their question in the wrong place, and should direct their question there Their question might be acceptable there, but it has a very real chance of not being acceptable. How about this copy ...


bugstatus-planned If you hit Enter after entering a tag, you get the errors "Title is missing." and "Body is missing." popping up at weird places: This also colors the border of the title and question textbox/area red on the next screens. Also, the Title screen doesn't support Enter, nothing happens. The title screen also doesn't display any errors, for ...


feature-request – Clarify that questions about programming software tools are on-topic If I indicate that "I need to troubleshoot some software or hardware", the wizard assumes that I'm about to ask an off-topic question and attempts to redirect me to a more appropriate place (Super User). That works well in most cases, and I appreciate the ...


feature-request I'm writing some code, and this piece of software that I'm using is broken. Let me ask a question on Stack Overflow! Alright, the first page is asking me what type of question I have. Well, it's a problem with the software I'm using to do my coding, so I guess it's "a software or hardware issue." Now, my question is about ...


feature-request Could you publish a (temporary?) route where we can go if we want to try out this thing without having to create anonymous accounts and gamble with probabilities?


bug - Typo in the "Show some code" help text of the description step. "Higlight" should be "Highlight".


I am dubious about: While I agree with this in general, there are cases where it is better to include a version number. For example in the case of problems that only occeur in a specific version. Taken from the python3-x tag: Tagging recommendation: Use the python tag for all Python related questions. If you believe your question includes issues ...


Do we really need to explicitly call out homework problems? If the policy on homework problems is truly universal, then declaring it as a homework problem is a useless moniker which would only serve to fuel the negative stigma that homework questions here already have. The code of someone trying to solve a homework problem is still "their code", so I feel ...


Make sure that the wizard doesn't only cater to debugging questions. As I understand, algorithm and a few other language-agnostic tags are still on-topic on Stack Overflow. These don't necessarily have a "language, technology and/or framework" associated with them. On-topic questions should have a straightforward path through the wizard from start to end.


This tip says you should format your code, but doesn't show how. Maybe a link to editing-help in the tip would be enough


Somewhere you need to explicitly prompt them for any Exceptions or Error messages. Possibly in the Guided Mode page? I see a LOT of questions posted where the OP mentions an exception but does not include the actual detail, which results in a lot of back-and-forth in the comments encouraging them to post it. Encouraging them to include this in the first ...


This statement is true, to some extent. However, if anything really important is left out, or if the post is just a rough draft, it is just as likely the question will get closed before it gets edited by the OP. It may be best to inform them that posting the question will yield immediate results and scrutiny. They will be expected to respond to any ...


We should split "questions about my code" (and "homework problem") into: Why do I get this error? (Have an "Exact error message" section) Why am I getting the wrong output? (Have "Output I get" and "Output I want" sections) How does this code work? Tip: Tell us which specific part of the code you don't ...

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