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Article Submission and Approval

Taking the most generous reading of your article, it reads like an intro for a formal paper of some sort. That's not a good fit for Articles. Worse is you just posted the abstract with this at the end ...
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Font size for comments in Collective article is bigger than comments on a normal post

The larger font size for comments is intentional on Articles. Since you can't answer an article, we chose to make comments more prominent as the primary way another user can engage with the content. ...
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What's going on with Articles on Microsoft Azure Collective?

This is expected. zcoop98's comment references a question I asked which addressed essentially the same issue. SE Inc. actively encourages Collectives to copy-paste their existing documentation and ...
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Can a "No LLM Usage" banner be added for the Collectives Article box?

I just checked and i'm still getting the reminder notice on SO when I go to answer a question. On the matter of whether to add it to the articles form: we haven't seen a deluge of LLM generated ...
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Support programmatic detection and flagging of spam and rude/abusive content in Collectives Articles and Discussions (WebSocket and SE API endpoints)

We have this noted as a feature request, both for future development on Articles and for a future Discussions product beyond the current experiment. At this time, API endpoints are not planned for ...
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