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How does Stack Overflow do pagination?

Well, the whole process is pretty complicated, but I'll try and answer you without writing a post that's as many pages (see what I did there?) as the last Game of Thrones book. Assumptions For the ...
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Stack Overflow index page points to videos

That is by design. Nick Craver, one of the Site Reliability Engineers/Developer (Chief Maintenance Mode), tweeted about this a while a go: Just deployed Stack Overflow. Have fun, bots: He basically ...
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What performance strategies does Stack Overflow employ to keep their database queries blazing-fast?

Stack Exchange uses a massive caching implementation to make all of this streamlined. The hardware used is very impressive, expensive, and top of the line. This has always been a very large sticking ...
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Stack Overflow Version Control System used for Questions and Answers

The production database schema is probably different on details but what we get on SEDE is close enough to get an idea how this works. Each site on the network will have their own database. Each ...
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What kind of Access Control is used on Stack Overflow?

I don't know the answer to your question about Stack Overflow specifically, but I wanted to respond to another part of what you said: "one of the main disadvantages of it is that it is not ...
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Why did Stack Overflow not maintain its own DNS services?

Disclaimer: I am a current user of Cloudflare. While I use Cloudflare as an example, that is primarily because I am most familiar with them, not because I'm a spammer. There isn't much benefit to. ...
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Why are deleted answers containing hate/obscenity still accessible/viewable?

As mentioned in the comments rude/spam posts are usually soft deleted with a message that looks like this: "This answer was marked as spam or rude or abusive and is therefore not shown - you can ...
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Physical location of a teams data

For Teams on the non-Enterprise level, data is hosted in the US only. Specifically, the same as our regular data centers, in New York (ish) and Colorado. For Teams on the Enterprise level, customers ...
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Helpful directions when closing questions

The impulse to try and help anyway by suggesting another place for a person to go ask their questions is a commendable one, but it is, alas, ultimately a mistake. It is not the job of this website ...
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How does Stack Overflow generate the user id?

They just use sequential ids. You can tell by checking the user with id of 1. It's not random. Now they probably wouldn't have to worry about collisions as long as the id sequence is determined in one ...
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Why are deleted answers containing hate/obscenity still accessible/viewable?

When exactly do you "permanently delete" an answer and when do you "soft delete" an answer? For those who can't see it, there are five deleted answers on that question with texts such as "fuck you ...
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Helpful directions when closing questions

Thought I'd chime in, since I voted to close that question. The issue is that it's very broad and opinion-soliciting: there's simply no way to objectively answer it, since there are many ways to ...
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Why are deleted answers containing hate/obscenity still accessible/viewable?

...But why is it that posts which clearly contain "hate-related, profanity, etc." can still be viewed by some who have that privilege and not (really) deleted from the Stack database? ......
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Database versioning system used by Stack Overflow

Nick has blogged about this. Below is a part of it: The database migrator we use is a very simple repo we could open source, but honestly, there are dozens out there and the “same migration against ...
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