1.7 MB image? Are you kidding me??!!!!!!!!! Also, how does the date say 1919? Is that a glitch?


This page took half an hour to download although I have a fast 14.4kbps modem connection. And to actually answer: this one and this is actually entertaining


It's a part of Stack Exchange's annual April Fool tradition. There's even a tag for it on MSE https://meta.stackexchange.com/tags/april-fools/info As for the time, it's already April 1st in Kiribati. Last year they tried Dance Dance Authentication, and it was pretty successful.


I don't know how they did it, but this looks fine both on 1024x768 and 800x600! And without using a single table!


I think you should follow current design trends and use the amazing <blink> tag more often. Other than that the design is great, in particular the glossy gradient text that looks so much realistic thanks to the backdrop shadow. PS: Comic Sans MS adds a sweet human touch to the overall reading experience.


Thank you for taking into account timezones! As an Australian, I was pleasantly surprised to wake up this morning to this masterpiece of web design without having to suffer the agony of waiting for the Earth to rotate to such a point that our local star had line of sight to the landmass commonly known as the continental United States of America, as so often ...


I know this is an April Fools prank, but I'd love to actually order a little programmable macro-pad like this (probably not at $40 if it can be avoided). I'd argue this would be fun little merch item to own rather than a T-shirt or sticker.


The duck should stay online after April 1st. It should learn new competences as time passes, such as: You asked a question which got downvoted or got a close vote? Ducky appears and tells you to verify that the question is in accordance to the help center. You are about to ask a question, which is rather short, or has 150 lines of code in it? Ducky appears ...


Just installed Windows 98 but not able to launch 3D pinball.


It's clearly an April Fools' Day prank, as is tradition on Stack Overflow. The Stack Exchange network follows UTC time, and it is already April 1, 2019 in some areas of the world.


I'm editing it!


Am I the only one who wishes the site was always like this? Is there anyway I can keep this after Apr 1 is over?


I hope you will tell us tomorrow if more questions were downvoted than usual.


I'm concerned that you may now be facing a lawsuit, since this seems to be a blatant copy/paste of an existing product!


Help . I have been playing on my parents' Windows 95 computer and I am getting errors now . Can you help me ???????????????????????????????


I would like to congratulate Stack Overflow, they did a fantastic job of re-creating the '90s. I guess they may not have considered that many current SO users don't actually know what the internet looked like in the 90s? In any case, the marquee at the top, the Comic Sans text, the lime green borders, the tiled background, cursor trailers - marvelous stuff!! ...


What I have found in page source.


For a few seconds I got a mini-heart attack that my browser was infected. Thank you for this new service though! love it!


Presses duck DUCK: Can I use your microphone? ME: Sure No microphone access request detected Checks date: 1st April ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Just tried it on my i486DX with dial-up and Mosaic-browser and it looks as expected. The only downside was that I had to wait for 27 minutes for the page to load.. ;)


I don't think you get it, but this is likely by design. In the 90s, Unix users we oppressed, not bowing down to Microsoft's glorious Embrace, Extend, Extinguish ideals. I think it works exactly like it's meant to. Don't forget, Microsoft is a firm believer in oppression in 1998!


This reminded me of some pages by Henning Thielemann I read back in 2001 when I was 19. They're still ONLINE ! They forgot to add a few random BS e-mail addresses generated with markov-chains to feed the spam-miners. Here for general amusement C-Hater Scripting & Matlab hater Denglish for beginners Dictionary of NewSpeak vs. OldSpeak Full contents ...


Guyz I just bought this personal computing machine, can we also add a feature for <<< BACKGROUND MUSIC >>> for this forum? also I have a few family pics that I wanted to show you folks, can anyone please upload the drivers for apple flatbed scanner? Thanks for your help. Please help!


While I realize it's a joke (and a funny one at that), am I the only one that thinks that it could be useful as a guidance tool for newcomers and it could actually help streamline the whole asking the first question process a bit? It certainly catches your eye at least.


A bit "chicken" on this, IMO :) Clicking the "Pre-order" quickly displays "April Fools’! We’ll never restrict your...". Seriously who would click "Pre-order" (even at that cheap price :) without knowing it's an April fool... Would have been funnier going one step further, with a crazy "Pay" page :)


This is actually by design. It's all part of the 90s theme. All of the icons are actually set to "broken image" icons, which made their first appearance in the late 1990s with Netscape Navigator. As the footer tells you, this site is "best viewed in Netscape 3.0". Plenty of the "Geocities"-style web pages in the '90s that the theme copies had broken images....


You can get rid of it per site if you dont like it. Once it goes through the entire process of quacking, it will display as follows: Click on I hate this duck if you dont want to see it. It will show another dialog with a button Goodbye Duck. Just say goodbye. If you miss the duck later check this answer to make the duck forget what you said to it.


How do I get rid of the padding in a table? My logo and navigation have a weird space between them. I've searched and searched but all I get is f*$%ing Experts Exchange links.


how do run macro i recorded need progremer help please!!!!


Please fix the scrolling text, it is not created by using marquee tag.

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