If I (with high permissions) approve an edit (done with low permissions) I would like to see the edit's effect at once... IIRC, this already exists for users under 2K rep: when a user suggests an edit to a post, they do continue to see the edited version of of the post with a message that other users will see the unedited version until it is approved. It ...


It means the edit was already rejected, but you (as the question author) can approve it if you really want to. If you don't care for the edit, then close the page & leave it rejected. See also: User experience of overriding community's decision on suggested edit


Answer at Should people who've never asked or answered a question for C be allowed to review C documentation changes?: Additionally, changes proposed by editors with applicable gold and silver tag badges are immediately approved without further review, unless the change modifies versions or changes which example is pinned. Or, as Frank commented, at Help ...

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