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Some API requests to /users are failing with status code 404 errors

The fix has been deployed to production and the issue is resolved. Major kudos to @andrew-t for figuring out this was specific to RMs in the new Mobile Dev collective! And thanks to @mago for ...
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10 votes

Some API requests to /users are failing with status code 404 errors

This only occurs to some members of the new "Mobile Development" Collective. All users who are a Recognized member of that collective will return the same error, if the collectives field is ...
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7 votes

Total and count do not match

It's certainly easier to see what's going on if you try a tag with fewer questions (or indeed a site that has fewer questions so that the tags automatically have fewer questions). In Vegetarianism and ...
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2 votes

Support programmatic detection and flagging of spam and rude/abusive content in Collectives Articles and Discussions (WebSocket and SE API endpoints)

We have this noted as a feature request, both for future development on Articles and for a future Discussions product beyond the current experiment. At this time, API endpoints are not planned for ...
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1 vote

How do I get the entire body text of my questions, answers, and comments from API requests?

You need the withbody filter or explicitly select the body field in the question type. Do note the /users/{id}/timeline returns a user_timeline type in the items collection and there is no body field ...
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Usage of /tags/{tag}/top-answerers/{period}

This was fixed in 2019. The docs now state you only get the top 20, which is consistent with what you see on the site. Status completed in top-answerers / top-askers documentation bug: number of ...

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