You can see the history of your voting. Go to your profile Switch to the "Activity" section if not already Click the "votes" tab Choose the types of votes you would like to filter on, like "upvote" Optionally: Select account under "Accounts" if joined multiple communities Note that only you can view this page. It ...


So looking into this a bit further, simply saying "closed" or "deleted" is not entirely accurate. The system actually checks that they were closed within 60 days and deleted within 60 days. Now, I was aware of those criteria, but I thought the 60 days part only applied to calculating the score that needs to be greater than 0.5 in order to be considered a "...


I believe there's intentionally no padding-top and this might be due to the different background-color applied to the relevant div on SO, since on SE the div blends in to the parent-div with the same background-color: Changing the background-color of the relevant div on SO from #eff0f1 to background-color: #fafafb results in the same look as presented on SE:...


Not a bug; it turns out posts closed and/or deleted more than 60 days after posting count as well-received. So several deleted and closed questions still count. Below is my original (wrong) post, but note that I updated my SEDE query to account for the 60-day exemption for closures; not counting deleted posts there are now 48 days counted, the deleted ...


By going on your own profile, under All actions tab, you can view it all: Revisions, Reviews, Suggestion, etc as shown in the image below. Edits are shown under Revisions.


Even if that tab were removed, the actions displayed in it are actually public - the answers you post are visible to one and all, your name and the time you posted prominently displayed below them. No sense in trying to be sly about it... Take pride in your work!


Update: this was definitely not by design. The intent here was to show the job matches to folks who'd either explicitly said they were looking or interested in jobs, or had filled out some or all of the "job match criteria": Roberta found a bug in this check that was always causing it to think at least one of these preferences had been set; ...


No, they are not visible. As explained here: You can't. Voting is private. Users need to be able to use their votes as they see fit based on the quality of the post they're voting on without worrying about confrontation. They have an option to leave a comment to explain their vote, but it's just that - an option. The only people that can see your votes ...


That user posted an answer to the question, which was deleted: Since you don't have the required privilege, you can't see that entry on the timeline. The date/time you see in the activity tab matches the answer's "posted" timestamp. It probably shouldn't be shown in the activity feed.


Yes, that would work: There is quite a lot of free space available. The lower margin is a little smaller, so that the 4 lines are not too close together. That shouldn't be a break in the design since the same thing is done in the first reputation card (at least on meta). I borrowed the .icon-eye symbol, but there should be a new one.


Deleted posts don't contribute to the edit count. Deleting a post will decrease your edit count if you had edits on it. Editing a deleted post will not affect your edit count. Undeleting a post will increase your edit count if you had edits on it. Rollbacks don't affect other edits. They actually count as 1 edit. Changing the post to a community wiki post ...


Congratulations, you found a bug! Thank you for pointing it out to us. We'll be removing this in the upcoming days. If you notice anything else that seems strange, please let us know.


Thanks for the report! Starting with the next build, the badges will maintain a safe distance of two meters pixels from their corresponding tab labels.


The question has been deleted 25 minutes ago by three user votes. Deleted questions are not included in your activity log.


Yes, I would love to see such a feature, I very often use the Activity tab. It was available on the top-bar before it was re-designed, and now I'm badly miss it. We could also add some "real-time" functionality to it, for example showing which page listed in the activity tab had new activity on it. So the activity pull-down will show your activites, and ...


Since the user profile page has been revamped, here's an updated image to show where to find this with the new layout:


Yes, this user posted an answer to your question which was soon deleted: To see deleted answers (even on your own question) you need 10k reputation.


So as suggested by Robert, I had a look at We're working on a new stat to help convey the reach of your posts here As I was not able to properly understand whether or not they consider Editing on others' posts, I asked the same in a Comment. And Jaydles♦, who's a Moderator, EVP of Culture and Experience at Stack Overflow and the OP of the post commented ...


That is my bad - when testing, I missed that the activity tab was gone (we have so many of them tabs on the profile page). It is back where it belongs.


This is status-bydesign; the accepted answer is always stuck to the top, regardless of votes or other activity. Mike M. also mentioned that: Self accepts do not stick the answer to the top. This is to highlight the answer that the OP found helpful (and therefore accepted), but may not be the best or most cohesive answer.


Here's a userscript you can use to hide that thing. // ==UserScript== // @name removeUnwantedNotificationForJobs // @namespace http://tampermonkey.net/ // @version 0.1 // @description make stackoverflow great again! // @author You // @match *stackoverflow.com/users/* // @grant none // ==/UserScript== (function() { '...


From the blog post announcing this new feature: And the page adapts to serve our most generous users. Once you’ve earned all the privileges, the “next privilege” bar automatically starts tracking your progress toward your closest tag badge (or another one of your choosing). I don't know a lot about how things work on meta, but the "privilege-earning&...


Thanks for reporting the issue. It was a problem with improperly guarded CSS. This has been corrected.


What i would suggest here is that the jobs that appear may have a link button for Not Interested or Skip/View Next which would tell that user is not interested in this particular job and that would cause that particular job post to disappear and in place of that a new job posting can appear which can possibly be a suitable or user might be interested in that ...


Thank you for your feedback. We've discussed implementing a dismiss feature as you suggest, with the added benefit of using the dismissal as information to improve your job matches. The feature has not yet been prioritized, unfortunately, so I have to mark this one status-deferred for now. Update: This feature is live. You can dismiss single job ...


The proximate cause here is that the extra padding on the blue marker causes the height of the tab to increase by half a pixel (from 12px to 12.5px), which is just enough to make the tab overlap the bottom border of the tab bar. Simply reducing the top and bottom padding on the blue box by a pixel or two is enough to fix it. However, it seems the me that ...


Looks like that got missed when we rolled out the Introduction section. I pushed a fix, so these changes should start showing up as expected as of the next build.


If you click on the link on the Reputation tab, it will take you to the associated upvoted post. You can use the same procedure from the notification bar at the top too. When you are notified of reputation changes, if you click on the notice and then the associated post, you'll be taken directly to the one that received an upvote.


This is currently not possible. Vote on this feature request if you'd like to have this implemented.

Only top voted, non community-wiki answers of a minimum length are eligible