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39 votes

Should I accept a bad answer or write my own?

I'm being purposely vague to avoid shaming the answerer I don't think disclosing this information would really be "shaming". On the other hand, it probably isn't worth it to invoke Meta ...
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16 votes

Should we allow accepted answers to be deleted?

If an answer is dangerous - maybe it's got some kind of hidden malware in it or running it would non-obviously delete data then those answers need to be removed. Moderators may not have the necessary ...
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6 votes

Should I accept a bad answer or write my own?

If you are not satisfied with the other answer, then you should write your own answer that correctly answers your question. It is encouraged by Stack Exchange to answer your own question. To be ...
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6 votes

Is it a bug that I can gain reputation by unaccepting and reaccepting when starting at 1 reputation?

It was reported as a bug some time ago and deemed too trivial to fix because you really can't gain very much reputation and you have to be on a very low reputation to start with to exploit it. As ...
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2 votes

Is it OK for users to edit the accepted answer into their question?

To elaborate on the existing answer, here are further reasons not to edit an answer into the question: It gives unilateral preferential treatment to a single answer. Votes and trending answers ...
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