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What about high privileged users actually informing what they don’t like? To me “off-topic” to a question is like a teacher grading every exam with “not correct” - it does not help. For you it’s one button, but for us who really have interest in what we ask it’s discriminating. First of all, duplicates are not always duplicates, as I saw many times. When ...


The "protected" question notice is very distracting when I get to a question because I want to see answers, not because I want to answer it myself. Perhaps this message would be better placed near the answer box. Also, "highly active" doesn't sound like an accurate description of old questions that have been around for a long time and aren't currently "...


This is trivial feedback, but the blue background makes me skip over the box. I'm not sure why. Perhaps it looks too much like a banner ad.

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