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48 votes

Can I award a bounty to a deleted answer?

I tried it. And as pointed out by Suraj Rao and Jon Clements, it's technically not possible. First, I get the popup question: Are you sure you want to award your bounty to this answer? THIS CANNOT ...
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47 votes

What is the purpose of "New answers to old questions" listing?

Yes, we do. New answers to old questions have a significant more chance of being problematic than other answers; they generally are of the form "Thanks!!" or "I have the same problem!", which is a ...
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15 votes

Remove Roomba's questions from the delete tools

My Hide Roomba Bound Posts userscript does exactly this: Though I'd appreciate having an option to hide posts that will be roomba'd integrated into the site itself. One disadvantage of the above ...
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12 votes

Add a link to moderator tools to the new review dropdown menu

Here's a quickly written userscript that inserts the header and link: // ==UserScript== // @name addHeader // @namespace // @version 0.1 // @description enter something ...
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10 votes

10kers the delete list exist, have fun! (it's also the undelete list)

Let's get to the point... I've seen a baffling statement from some trusted users: there is no easy way to challenge or reviewing deletions This is completely true. Where do I do this? For example, ...
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8 votes

Inline tag edit design inconsistency

Now reads: "Edit tags". Yes, still with the annoying capitalization and coloring, but without the wording ambiguity!
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8 votes

Deleted posts can be edited

There are cases in which this is useful: When link-based answers are deleted in review or by moderators, we often tell the answerer to edit the answer into shape and flag for undeletion. For those ...
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8 votes

Can I award a bounty to a deleted answer?

It may not be possible directly, but I deleted my answer to a bounty question and was awarded the bounty anyway. The person who offered the bounty could see my (deleted) answer and contacted the ...
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7 votes

10kers the delete list exist, have fun! (it's also the undelete list)

Let me just apply a different highlighting to that quote: there is no easy way to challenge or reviewing deletions [...] only people who already have the link have a chance to edit/undelete A plain ...
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6 votes

Inline tag edit design inconsistency

I agree wholeheartedly with this. Its more visible/recognizable to me than the tags themselves. Also I could go in to debating Edit vs edit.
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6 votes

Where have all the scrollbars gone?

status-completed This issue is now resolved Brian Nickel♦ has posted an answer on Meta Stack Exchange announcing the fix: I decided to go big here and just make the whole page responsive, replacing ...
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3 votes

"New answers to old questions" tool has a design bug

I also see the same problem on a 2560x1440 display. I also noticed the width: 500px on the content's td so I ran a simple script to change that and it didn't seem to have an effect: I am surely ...
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