To be honest it is very difficult for me to wrap my head around the issues that you were having. 

The thing is:

> Not all of us are superusers familiar with Markdown and Markdown editors

It is not clear to me why one needs to be familiar with Markdown to use the editor, as the editor uses a small set of extremely standard icons, provides the expected functionality that most WYSIWYG editors have, and has the usual behavior of applying changes to highlighted text (if text is highlighted). So given that an understanding of Markdown is not required to use the rather run-of-the-mill editor, the premise here seems a bit odd to me.

The editor itself:

- Uses standard, recognizable icons for all actions (big quotes for quotes, bulleted and numbered list icons for lists, formatting icons, chain link for links, brackets for code, etc.)
- Supports the rather standard flow of applying the tool button you press to the text you have highlighted (or setting you up to type if you have no text highlighted).
- Provides tooltips on every icon if you do not know what they mean.
- Provides pretty much the same basic functionality that every other WYSIWYG editor provides.
- Has a help button on it.
- Is based on Markdown which you *may* not be familiar with, this I could understand, although all the documentation for it *is* there, and it is fairly straightforward in that raw Markdown is still [readily readable as text]( - IMHO Markdown is a *very* intuitive choice as it mostly mirrors what you'd type anyways in a plain-text environment. And, like I mentioned above, it should be moot: You don't actually need to know Markdown to use the editor.
- Has a *live* preview directly underneath it, so if you're more into experimenting, you can get feedback on your results immediately.
- Also, as a side note: Syntax highlighting will be done automatically based on the language tag you choose. There is generally no need to specify a language manually or take any other action here.
- Additionally, the editor even supports some basic HTML, if you're more familiar with that.

I wanted to make a little GIF showing the tooltips but, sadly, the tooltips aren't captured by my screen recording tool, so just pretend they're there in the beginning. The help is also there:

<kbd>[![enter image description here][1]][1]</kbd>

I am having a hard time imagining what you found on Google that wasn't already directly linked to from the editor with the exception of, which I don't believe has a direct path.

I'm not saying that you're "wrong" in finding it nonintuitive, but I (and I presume many others here) am having trouble understanding *why*, as there is nothing particularly out of the ordinary or quirky about this editor compared to every other editor, and all of the help is there on the editor. I can't actually think of any way this could be more streamlined.

So perhaps you could come up with a more specific list of exactly what problems you had and form those into feature requests, noting that many feature requests already exist and so you should do a bit of searching first.

In any case if you're troubled by the editor just give it your best shot. You might get a slight scoff in comments but for the most part it'll be fine, and it won't be long before you pick it up.