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Afvice from Meta.SE

I have been bludgeoning this for more than a year now.

I first try to link the translated questions to each other in the comments. Everything is fine with the first two questions I ask until I end up in a controversy with the next question when a moderator in [Stack Overflow en español][1] says that it is OK to translate the questions and link them to each other, but if I am translating a year-old question that already has an answer, then it is better to post the translated version as the answer there, but I have some disagreement with the team, so they closed the question as a result, then I try give a more convincing reason for why I need a translation, then later on I try to complain about the closed question in the comments of the English version of the question. Then Samuel Liew, a moderator in the English version then decides to lock the comments for a decade. That makes me asks this meta question.

After that meta question, I use link the questions to each other using this format:

Translation in Spanish

Translation in Portuguese

However, when I ask the next question, Abdul Aziz Barkat moves the translation links to bottom and makes them smaller to emphasize the actual question more:

Translation in Spanish

Translation in Portuguese

I do the same thing with my other questions. Today Dharman, one of the moderators has unlocked the comments and removed the links from the question with the edit comments mentioning:

This does not belong in the question

but has not given any convincing feedback.

However, this meta question clearly says:

Note that this is about cross-posting within the network; what you describe is another, less often seen form. In either case, it's probably a good idea to link the questions to each other (and if you copy a question from someone else, you are even required to provide attribution), and if any answers are posted, ask the author to post them on the other site as well or do it yourself (again keeping in mind the attribution rules).

And answer to the previous question says:

A few years ago, a post was made in Stack Overflow en español inviting users to link questions from that site with questions from Stack Overflow. Apparently the tool is still working. You can learn about this in ¿Cómo funciona la asociación de preguntas entre SO y SOes? (How works the question association between SO and SOes)

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I still to need to understand the following: What does the advice from Meta.SE mean when it talks about linking the posts?