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The “thanks” feature is having a paradoxical effect

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Feature test: Thank you reaction

I remember some people were warning that a "Thanks" feature would take focus away from actually accepting answers.

Well, I have just been "bitten" by exactly that. This newbie question:

What does this Code validation formula mean?

is about understanding code, not making it work. The question was problematic in that context was missing, but apparently I was able to address OP's misunderstanding - they said so, in a "Thanks" comment:

I get it now. thank you so much! The program works well.. My seats is arr[5][7]. If I don't use -1 the seats the is reserved is the one after it. If the input is =1 the seat that is reserved is 2...

So, here's what seems to have happened (though it's a bit of a speculation):

  • OP realizes the answer has indeed answered their question.
  • OP's attention is drawn to the "say thanks" widget, and away from the acceptance widget.
  • OP presses "Thanks".
  • OP realizes they also need to say the answer resolves the issue, so they make a comment to that effect - explaining the "thanks" as "Thanks, I accept the answer"
  • OP doesn't accept the answer.

So not only did the "thanks" feature not discourage a thanks comment - it encouraged it, and discouraged acceptance. That is a paradoxical effect - a measure actually worsening the situation it is supposed to ameliorate.