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No need to make is about a single person. It is damming and we don't know if One person is making these changes in SO. Unlikely. Don't single people out.
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I'm not happy with the direction of this site, so I'm leaving and taking my money with me

I've decided to quit this community once and for all—this time for reals. I did a while ago because of issues with the "Jobs" section. I wasn't a very high rep user, but I contributed a lot of time to the Jobs section, finding over 150 bugs (mainly on Jobs). I didn't get paid for this, but I did get a thank you from Joel himself. I have been a member of this community for over ten years, and what I once loved is not something I believe in at all anymore. I will continue to watch, but I won't contribute via time or money (more on the $$$ later...).

My previous job, which I had worked at for over 18 years, was my first "real job" I picked up at the end of college. I loved it, and the company was doing pretty good. We did have ups and downs because we were in the automotive / manufacturing sector (but that was pretty normal). Everything in the company was sound until there was a shift in HR.

HR implemented new policies. The old, "do as I say. not as I do" policy. Enforcing obnoxious rules (OT, punching in and out, start / end times, etc.) while she came in at 10 AM and left by 2 PM each day. If you had an issue and they were too busy to talk to you. In any event, we went from over 400 employees to 200 within the first year of this, and then from 200 employees to under 100 employees.

During that time (the 200 to 100 employees), I myself decided to pick up and leave after 18 years of work (I had no plans to leave; unlike a lot of people in the industry, I do not like job hopping). We lost good engineers, we lost good programmers, we lost trust, and, finally, many of us lost patience. What was left were folks holding on for dear life, bless their hearts (many of the folks left over were either getting close to retirement or engineers who just did not want to change).

Here was a workplace people once loved to be at, which ended up being a ghost town. Our shares tanked:

Stock price plot, showing shares decreasing over a span of 1-2 years from a high of ~33 to a low of ~14.

I quit that job forgetting to take advantage of my flexible health savings account (FSA). I had over $600 in that account, yet forgot to at least use it on eligible items such as Band-Aids, sun screen, etc. When I called Nancy a couple of weeks after I had left, stating I had forgotten to use my FSA account money, she mentioned that because I left the company it was terminated and the money went back into the company's account. I was seriously pissed...

I will not let that happen to me again...and so I am leaving this community and taking my money with me. The same thing is happening, and the money (it's not a lot, but every penny counts) that I spend on my team's subscription to teams will not be renewed any longer.

I will not pay for a service backed by people I no longer can trust. I know, I know..."You're just one customer, Jon...". You're right; I am one customer, but one customer who used to compliment and refer other companies to use great products. In fact, at my old place I implemented SO for Teams, and at my new place the first thing I implemented was SO for Teams.

No more, I tell you, because I'm leaving you, and I am taking my money with me.

Thanks for the good times and the bad times.

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