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Asking ban warning: to scared to ask a question. Should I delete this profile?

Some time ago i asked a question about making custom binary file handlers, and it got deleted pretty quick ( 1 day to be closed, and 10 days to be deleted ) and after that every time I have a problem I see an "fun" warning about "asking ban". I've tried to look up how long does this warning last, but no luck finding the answer ( it looks like it is indefinite ).

Previous to that i had some questions that were from -1 to 3 votes on each question i asked, and solid vote numbers on answers. I was feeling good about myself and i often got message "you are trusted by this community" or something similar awarding me with some extra reputation.

Since question was deleted, i don't know if you can follow the link. But i got 1 answer recommending boost and that is about it. After that i tried communicating, arguing and even editing but nothing helped.

I don't know what to do. I am scared on asking another negative vote question, and i don't know anymore what is a good question. I am not asking for consolement, I am asking for experienced consultation: Is this profile burnt? In your experience is there possibility that user can recover from this?

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