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Using Facebook Avatars Might Present A Risk Of Tracking

By now, everyone who follows technology should be aware of the scandals around Facebook's ethics and data privacy. Many users distrust them and are uncomfortable with their data collection practices.

Even Stack Overflow CEO and cofounder Joel Spolsky has quit Faceboook.

Both Twitter and Facebook’s selfish algorithms, optimized solely for increasing the number of hours I spend on their services, are kind of destroying civil society at the same time.

Joel also previously said:

Facebook's fatal flaw is that they think they're smarter than the rest of us, so they always think they can get away with things

Unfortunately, Joel's own company is now letting Facebook "get away with things". Stack Overflow directly links to profile pictures from Facebook. This allows user activity throughout the Stack Exchange network to be tracked by Facebook without consent or notice.

Have a look: when I load a page containing any avatars hot-linked from Facebook, my browser automatically sends a request including a Facebook identifying cookie and the URL of the page I'm viewing on Stack Exchange. They don't just know that I'm visiting the site, they also get to know which topics I'm interested on throughout the network.

Screenshot of Firefox developer tools showing HTTPS request to Facebook for a user profile image, with Referer header identifying the current Stack Exchange URL

Personally, I am protected because I enable Strict Content Blocking in Firefox, but that shouldn't be necessary, and it clutters my page with error icons where the avatars should be.

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