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This idea is total garbage. Most people who ask difficult to answer questions for whatever reason are coming here with good intentions and by your own description are being downvoted so that no one else, someone with perhaps an ounce of empathy to the struggle they are having, might possibly see their post and attempt to help. Maybe it is a poorly formed question. Maybe it is too specific. Maybe it is difficult to answer without further clarification. It just takes a little assistance to get the question to a better spot. But this idea says, "hey don't worry about the people who need the most help, they aren't worth the effort". And that is total garbage.

Quality is about what is exposed to the outside, essentially what's searchable via google or in some rare cases what's hanging out around small tags (e.g. ). So a question is too specific or needs a reproducible example, the person asking it still needs help; the choice isn't shut the question down entirely because it's not quality and will damage the the site. Help them first, extract the most value out of it that we can and then decide how to present it to the outside world.