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Why does Meta reject the suggestion to make commenting mandatory on downvotes?

This is a proposed FAQ entry to serve as a closing target for the hundreds of duplicates this gets. The aim is to present all the arguments for why this would be an awful idea, condensed from the thousands of previous discussions the issue has seen.

Many new users receive downvotes with no explanation on what exactly they have done wrong. Worse, the only guidance that comes in is often snarky comments!

Stack Overflow's rules can be difficult to grasp especially for newbies, and downvotes can feel hostile and discouraging.

However, whenever one of the following suggestions is made to make new users feel more welcome:

  • Every downvote should be accompanied by a mandatory comment
  • The first downvote should be accompanied by a mandatory comment
  • Downvotes should cost reputation points unless accompanied by a comment

it gets rejected by Meta!