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How can I help questions in the NodeMCU tag avoid being downvoted or closed?

Many questions with the tag get downvoted and/or flagged for closing. While it's true that some aren't on par qualtiy-wise (many NodeMCU users seem to use SO for the first time) I don't understand the closing flags. Most of those claim the questions be off-topic.

Could it be that those voting to close those questions don't understand what NodeMCU/Lua is about? That they don't understand that it's a firmware you program with Lua? And that thus, those questions really are on-topic?

I suspect that even some of the downvotes can be attributed to the same cause. There are downvotes for questions that to me seem perfectly ok.

Or is there something I myself don't understand?

To improve the tag info I submitted some changes for review (pending). I'd hate a low-quality tag info to be responsible for downvotes and flags.

Marcel Stör
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