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English help as requested.
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When should I stop trying to help?

Sometimes new users struggle to make obvious questions for several reasons. I like to be a good boy and try to help us anyway: at least try to make them "feel" what the community expects to see for a good question.

But, sometimes there's bad comprehension of the language and software development in general and everything becomes harder.

In this example, I first asked in comments for a complete traceback (because, you know people usually just paste Error: Foo, but not the whole traceback, which makes it way harder to debug). But the asker doesn't know what a traceback is, so he pastes pieces of code with some explainations.

At this point I feel the guy is really trying to make his question better, but does not know how to do so. So I tried to help again, asking for whole functions + traceback.

Well, after the last comment it finally appears that the Error: Foo was only a warning... I made my part of the mistake here, but it's not really the point.

How do you deal with a fellow who really tried to ask a good question, but needs a long comment discussion to finally make it (because of being new to SO + not confident with the language + not confident with development at all)?

And especially when the comments section starts to be a long discussion between only two people - not even code related, but SO related - when should I end it?

Because now, all comments under the questions are just useless for future users, but nobody would never reply without this long discussion to make the question answerable.

I'm not sure if I should avoid clogging up the comments section, or keep trying to help.

Plot twist: By the time I wrote this, some answers have been posted.

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