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Stale/fake statistics for questions loaded live

When questions are loaded in the new nav by clicking the "n new questions" notification, they are shown with blank statistics (0 score, 0 answers, 1 view). All the questions below were loaded at once, right before I took the screenshot:


Note that even the oldest loaded question with 20+ minutes of age is shown with the same stats. Manually reloading the questions page shows the real statistics. The same in action:

video screencap

(pictured: click -> questions loaded -> mouse moved -> ctrl+r for refresh)

I'm aware that this is likely due to how the feed works or that it's not to query the server with these refreshes. But considering how I don't know anything about how the web works, I can't be sure. And even then I'd consider loading the fresh statistics as a feature.

Andras Deak
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