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Simply removing gender. Apologies if it's indeed known Ira prefers "he", feel free to rollback.
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We have rules for this. Minimally, you must:

  1. Disclosure your affiliation with the product or service.
  2. Provide an answer that is relevant to the question and actually solves the problem.

Ira is doing both of those things here, so this answer is not spam. It is self-promotion, but it is not unsolicited self-promotion, which is what is required for something to be spam. pachanga asked the question (the solicitation) and Ira provided a relevant solution that they just so happened to have created.

The only guideline that you might possibly say is being violated here is the one that cautions, "Don't talk about your product / website / book / job too much." Granted, Ira does tend to post a lot of answers that promote their product(s). This is something that has been discussed previously, ad nauseam, and the moderators have been in contact with them about it. As suraj comments, Ira's profile even indicates that they are aware of the problem.

But the answer you have selected here is not emblematic of any sort of a problem, and it is clearly not spam. If you disapprove of it or think it is not helpful, feel free to downvote it.

BTW, no, that phrase you quoted has nothing to do with it. If anything, the key phrase is "Our DMS Software Reengineering Toolkit is a such a system", where they disclose that it is their product and says that it solves the problem. The rest of the answer goes on to explain how. (And then, strangely, conclude that this is a relatively poor solution, but oh well.)

Cody Gray - on strike Mod
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