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When an "RTFM" drop spilled the cup

TLDR version. I am requesting help, from those interested, in using the site search to find existing answers containing "RTFM" and replacing with alternative less offensive wording (such as "Read the manual" or "Consult the following")

For the record; I visited Help Center > Privileges > participate in meta before writing this out and posting, therefore I felt that my post qualified as, and listed under When should I visit meta?

  • to suggest changes to the community
  • to discuss how the site works

Plus, under "This privilege" states:

"Discuss the site itself: bugs, feedback, and governance".

Which I also find to fit the bill on "governance" since this has to do with "behaviour" and "terms" that should no longer be used and should be controlled.

The "to suggest changes to the community" does not outline what that means exactly, so I can assume that "changes to how a community behaves or should behave" would be valid.

The "to discuss how the site works" also does not outline what would be considered as being "off-topic", so I can assume that "removing/preventing "RTFM's" would also be valid, where scanning for those if it is possible, can either remove them from a post/comment or to show some type of warning to ask for relevance.

In most cases, "RTFM" still stands to be a term that should no longer be used or encouraged by upvoting, as some members have been doing; they are sending the wrong message.

Oh sure, it might have sounded cool/funny way back when, yet as a community changes/grows, so do/should the term(s) used. See (Better way): about that further below.

On to my post:

There was an incident that happened just the other day when someone posted an "RTFM" with a reference to

Now, I know that I don't need to spell it out for you as to what that stands for (I'm sure you can put 2+2 together), and I won't mention any names neither, that wouldn't be right.

What that person actually did, was to "provoke" the OP to become "hostile." To be perfectly honest, I did not blame them one bit.

Side note: I have to admit that I too wasn't (always) a "prince", and have been told by moderators to stop doing that; which I have.

Q: If someone keeps kicking a dog's cage for a while or yells at it, do you honestly think that the dog will come out licking that person's face when they open the door to let it out? A: I didn't think so.

Don't get me wrong here; I did not support the foul language (OP to the provoker which ended up being deleted), however had they not been provoked, I sincerely feel that that would most likely not have happened.

I need to point out that I politely asked the offending person about their "RTFM" comment, to simply change their pre-fabricated comment (which they used often) by removing that reference and keeping the rest, since it did contain other valid comments that the OP should look into before posting; such as researching etc.

I also flagged quite a few of those "pre-fabricated" comments from the same person and I finally had enough (it seems I either have fallen onto deaf ears, or they thought they could merely just change the wording), where I stated in one flag that it was in need of moderation.

RTFM clean-up:

I have spent the better part of 1.5/2 hours of my time, going over the "php" and "mysql" tags to remove any references to "RTFM" (which are the areas I mostly spend my time in), by replacing them with "RTM" and as the following Q&A states:

(Better way): There are better ways to instruct people to "read the manual".

Honestly, if they managed to type out an answer and sometimes rather long ones, they can surely type out those 3 little words: "Read the manual" or "Consult the following", IMHO.

I don't know if they're trying to be "cool", but that term isn't (well) accepted anymore.

However, this Q&A contains a few references Teaching People to Read Documentation and those I find are not setting a good example.

For those who are interested:

For people who have some extra time on their hands, to edit questions and/or answers that contain "RTFM" by removing the "F" or to replace it with "Read the manual" by accessing or by entering the tag name they spend time in, and followed by "rtfm" [tag_name]rtfm in the Search input.

I.e.: [javascript]rtfm which the URL would be[javascript]rtfm

I noticed that there are just under 2,000 of these when I linked to

I am willing to make my part in this but feel that it would take too much of my time to remove/modify them all by myself.

5-15 minutes here and there wouldn't take much for a bunch of us to clean this all up, or most of them.

Like the community I "live" in, it's always a pleasant experience to "be" somewhere as I am sure you like that also; least I hope.

StackOverflow etc. is no different in certain respects. A community (should) pull together when something needs to be done.

I don't want or hope to not pass off as a martyr. I just feel that it would be a better place for everyone to interact in a sane and peaceful environment by not provoking people in telling them to "RTFM".

Links to check for "RTFM" under php and mysql tags:

The "php" one still contains a few "rtfm"'s, only because those contain what Mailchimp used to be have that contained valid URL's at the time; they are 404's now.

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