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Madara's Ghost
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Should we burninate [godaddy]?

The outcome of this process hasn't been a complete burnination but instead a tag warning has been implemented by Shog9. That is final

In, we clearly agreed, that should die in fire. This is thus not a duplicate, but a different question, this time pulling things through.

It's still attracting new questions, most of which simply abuse the tag simply because, for example,

So the continued existence of this tag is actively hurting.

That was more than a year ago, and since then, the tag excerpt has been:

Do not use this tag. It is due for removal.

Can we finally burninate the tag, instead of letting it live in Limbo?

EDIT: Laurel recommended blacklisting the tag. That's something we should instantly do, shouldn't we? I wasn't aware of that option.

Marcus Müller
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