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Can we *please* remove the [asp] to [asp-classic] tag synonym? Pretty please?

It's gotten to where 80% of the questions that come up for have nothing on God's green earth to do with classic ASP. It's obvious that the OP simply typed "asp" (instead of "asp.net") in the tag field, and the system ever-so-helpfully replaced it with for them.

(For the uninitiated: ASP.Net and classic ASP have about as much in common as JavaScript and Java. Which is to say, their names are somewhat similar, and they serve some of the same purposes, and there all similarity ends.)

Previous requests to clarify the situation have been largely ignored. I know this is not a high-traffic tag group, but as someone who knows a thing or two about classic ASP and jack squiddly about anything .Net, I'm reduced to editing out the spurious tag from about three posts before my blood pressure goes up and I give up on StackOverflow for the day.

Pretty please, with a cherry on top: could we remove the synonym link between [asp] and [asp-classic], since clearly those terms are no longer synonymous?