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Careers allowed you to choose a vanity URL under which your CV was available with minimal decoration. For example if you're interested in poaching our CEO, you could look at careers.stackoverflow.com/spolsky, where the "spolsky" part was freely chosen by him (if you visit that page now, you'll notice it's already being redirected, but it's still showing the old CV).

This vanity URL feature continues to be available for Developer Stories. On Careers it was called "custom URL", now it's called "public link".

Assuming you choose zaphod as your public link name, then under stackoverflow.com/story/zaphod you'll find a decoration-free (i.e. no top bar etc.) view of your Developer Story. Under stackoverflow.com/cv/zaphod, you'll find the Story rendered in the traditional view, which means it looks like today's CVs. (During the private beta, it's /cv-beta/zaphod etc., but you get the idea.)

So much for the context.

Now, on Careers, it was possible to choose the custom URL, but not use it. So you could choose to reserve careers.stackoverflow.com/zaphod, but disable it ("make private" as it was called), and the link would lead to a "page not found" view.

Here's the important part: It's no longer possible to "squat" a URL in this way with the Developer Story.

Either you pick your URL, then stackoverflow.com/story/zaphod is accessible, or you don't, and then it isn't.

Since the conversion of a CV to a Developer Story will never decrease privacy settings, we cannot turn your CV's custom URL into your Story's public link, because in your case, that would make a previously private page public. And that's what this message informs you about.

I'm very happy to take better suggestions for the phrasing by the way, I was struggling with it a bit.

It's not a problem to go to your Developer Story preferences and re-create your public link, but then that page will actually be available (and that's why you have to manually do it, and we won't do it automatically for you).

Just to be clear, this whole thing is not related to either of these:

  • It has nothing to do with your job search status. Whether you're "actively looking", "open but not looking", or "not interested" does not impact and is not impacted by your public link in any way.
  • It has nothing to do with the visibility of the "Developer Story" tab on your Stack Overflow profile. If you hide your Story on SO, you can still have a public link, but people would have to know (or guess) the link in order to see your Story. They cannot find it through your SO profile. The only minor impact is that if your Story is hidden from your profile, we tell search engines not to index the page under your public link.
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