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Why is “looking for a job” so obsessed with London?

I live in a reasonably rural part of North Wales. I like living where I live it's nice and quiet and I get to climb mountains

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The one place I would hate to live is London. Many people love the place, but personally, I'm a country boy, I like the country....Also, It's noisy and dirty, miles away from any mountains and no one speaks welsh.

I have my location set in my profile:

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for those not familiar with the geography of North Wales I live a long way away form London: enter image description here

Now, to the nub of my irritation. Why oh why am I bombarded with Jobs in London everyday!!

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There are (some admittedly not loads) of jobs considerably nearer:

enter image description here

So why focus on the London ones! I can count the amount of jobs outside of London this has shown me on one hand. Just because I'm in the UK, this does not mean I want to work in London!

In seriousness

Surely this algorithm can be more intelligent than it is now?

Is there just more jobs in London? If yes, doesn't this point to another fundamental problem with SO careers. I can easily find a job on other job sites (in fact I get hassled on LinkedIn, etc. pretty much daily). So why does SO Careers (in the UK) seem so London centric?