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Stack Overflow - Serving Programmers Even Better

In 2008, we set out to solve a problem that plagued every programmer in the world: the lack of an information resource that was free, vetted and maintained by programmers, where the best information rose to the top. It became quickly obvious that together, we had achieved an amazing success.

As a community, we've always stood firmly against fluff-and-creep, decrying complexity in favor of continuing to develop the one thing that we have come to do very well - just like Curly:


Objective Q&A has come to be our hallmark, but there was something else that eluded us as a company for some years to come; we were extremely good at giving programmers exactly what they need and deserve, which didn't always include everything that they want. Q&A has been, and will always be the core of our business, but our "one thing" turned out to be much simpler than we thought. We relentlessly aspire to fanatically serve the way that programmers learn and grow professionally.

A couple of years ago, we started having internal discussions that sounded like this:

What else do programmers need that they're not getting good enough solutions for elsewhere?

Now, we've declined many requested features for fear that they would detract from the value and exposure of our core Q&A, and we held ourselves to the same standard in order to come up with ideas for making Stack Overflow serve all of you better. And most of this isn't new to Meta regulars, but here's the big picture view of roughly how things will look as we integrate Documentation, Teams and Jobs into Stack Overflow:


That's right, everything under one roof and one account, available to you when and if you want or need it. Why these things?

###Programmers need and deserve vetted, up-to-date documentation.

Some things have obsessively curated and up-to-date documentation with plenty of practical examples that illustrate real-world use cases. So, we're going to focus on the the other 97% of documentation.

It's one thing to list the order, types and purpose of arguments along with the various things that something can return; it's another to actually teach people how to use it through examples that experienced programmers write and vet. We're used to anticipating questions people are likely to have - documentation and examples are a great place for us to put our collective insight and experience to work. We'll be talking about it more as it evolves.

###Programmers need and deserve jobs that they love.

Some of you might remember back in early 2009 when user profiles had a check box that said I'm interested in receiving job offers from employers. That's how long we've been working on getting programmers the jobs that they deserve. Stack Overflow Careers is now a mature product, and it's time to bring it back to the main site instead of having it live in an annex.

We're going to get this integrated pretty soon, and it should fit neatly under the new "Jobs" tab:

enter image description here

Many of you reading this have great jobs that you love, but many more do not, and don't realize that Stack Overflow has a product that could help get them a much better job. Some might have poked at it, but got lost in the hassle of having to sign up all over again and tell us things they thought we already knew about them. We always intended for it to be an integral part of the main site; it's time to make that happen.

We'll be talking more about Stack Overflow Jobs in the near future, and how we're taking on a new shared enemy — the horribly broken process of recruiting and hiring programmers. Because our name isn't $CANDIDATE and we don't even know Flash.

###Programmers share a special kind of pride in what they do.

Working closely with other people on something that many come to value and enjoy brings a certain kind of ownership, a very special type of comradery, and a pride that many equate to parenting children. The way you collaborate builds awesome things; we've always wanted a way to let you make that collaboration part of your Stack Overflow presence.

The integration of Jobs gave us the inspiration that led to Teams. Your company can show off how lucky they are to have you, as well as the awesome things about working there that led you to join them. You can stand next to not just the people you make awesome stuff with during the day, but also the people you work with as you chip away at your open source projects in your spare time.

People will be able to interact with teams and companies that build the things that they use every day in a way that wasn't possible before on Stack Overflow, without detracting from the high-signal business of objective Q&A.

Want to use teams without any of that job business? Go ahead; we're good with that.

###It's all there when you need it.

For many users, it should be a lot easier having all these things in one place. For those who only choose to use Q&A, or Docs, the rest will be waiting patiently out of the way. Two resounding, non-negotiable criteria were paramount in every decision that we made:

  • Nothing can detract from core Q&A. Losing our focus on what we've built together is not an option.
  • Don't annoy people with things that aren't relevant to their interests.

You may not need a job. You may have the entire C standard memorized and not need documentation. You might work from home because you find coworkers to be inconvenient distractions, and you prefer to keep people guessing. None of this is going to get in the way of how you've become accustomed to using the site.

###So, what's next?

Documentation and Teams are currently in private beta, sign up ( here for documentation | here for teams ) if you haven't and want to check them out. While still a bit rough around the edges, we're pretty sure you'll have a great time exploring them and we'd love to have your feedback. As both come out of beta, you'll see them in the top navigation.

Very soon, we're also going to be eliminating the need to have two different logins between Stack Overflow and Careers. Careers will be accessible under the 'Jobs' tab in the top nav as shown, and all of the jobs related navigation will live within that tab. Once we have the logistics of bringing everything together ironed out, we'll share a more detailed plan and ask for feedback.

Again, all of this is still in the rough, but we wanted to share out as early as we could. If you have questions, please feel free to post them. There's simply not enough room to cover all of it in a single post; we will be sharing more to cover each project in more detail in the very near future. We hope you're as excited as we are.