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Answer stealing user with bad attitude

This is about position 2 divs next to each other

There's this guy who downvotes every single answer on this question, then looked at my comment containing a jsfiddle. He then decided it was perfectly fine to copy it into his own answer.

When I said something about it, he quickly deleted the answer and made a new one with slightly different classes. Then downvoted my original answer.

Can there be something done about this kind of attitude? I'm sure he didn't get all of that rep on his own.. Already flagged him.

EDIT: He's now downvoting all of my existing answers.... enter image description here

Second edit: So, a couple of hours later and the person talked about here got suspended. He also deleted all comments and answers on both the original post and this one, leaving no trace behind. I made this question out of curiosity what would be done with a user behaving this way, and it seems that just flagging them is enough.